Shout Outs on a Saturday

Over the course of the last  month, while I’ve been diligently blogging, many other interesting, thoughtful people have been writing really good stuff, too. In honor of all those people, I offer some shout outs to some the best articles/conversations that I found around the “blog-o-sphere” over the past 33+ days. I’m pretty new to this scene, so it was surprising how much good stuff was out there! If you have your own additions to the list, please feel free to add them below!

Women and the Church:

Carol Howard Merritt “Reimagining Christianity” sans sexism, followed by a whole bunch of rude comments that illustrate why this is still a necessary discussion.

Leslie Keeney, aka “The Ruthless Monk” asking, “Where is the Voice of the Evangelical Academic Woman?”

Joshua Case with “Mark Driscoll is Wrong!”, ruminations on Biblical Christianity and sex

The Hunger Games:

It may seem like a long time ago, but this was the series of days that launched the movie,The Hunger Games, and spawned many articles about racism, Katniss as a feminist hero, etc.

The Peace Pastor reviews The Hunger Games and offers a discussion guide.

Tiffany Steinwert on “Reimaging Resurrection in Light of the Hunger Games” at Feminism and Religion.

Rhiannon Root on “Katniss and Bella–Getting to the Heart of the Matter”

Motherhood, Feminism, Etc:

The New York Times hosted a blog roundtable about Motherhood v. Feminism.

“Ann Romney, Working Woman?”: A meditation on the intersections of class on the stay-at-home mom debates.

My public scholar classmate, Wes Menke, wrote, “Confesions of a Mathlete,” a great meditation on parenting at his new site, The Lutheran Year.

And, just for fun:

“Divinity School Application for Liberals” by Tripp Fuller at Homebrewed Christianity

Theology Ryan Gosling made his presence known to me this month.

And, just because it seemed appropriate for the month when I graduated with my Master’s degree, check out an old, but still hilarious, YouTube favorite:


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  1. Joshua Case

    Thanks for the link from Homebrewed. Great blog!

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