When Writer’s Block Strikes…

So, some days writing flows, free and easy. The ideas are popping and a paper or post comes together like it was nothing. And then, there are days when the ideas cease to flow. When your best muses have deserted you and your brain seems to be stuffed to the gills with one cliché after another. When even the best prompt or topic can’t summon words to make it whole.

When these days occur, it’s important to have an arsenal of tools to muster in order to kick the writer’s block to the curb. So, this morning I offer you my list of the top 10 Heinzekehr approved strategies for kicking writer’s block:

10. Spend copious amounts of time reading other blog entries, news articles, the occasional gossip column and Facebook posts in order to find new, fresh ideas.

9. Enlist the brainstorming abilities of significant others, classmates, friends, family members and the occasional available stranger. Bribe people for help if necessary.

8. Seek solace and inspiration with chocolate.

7. Read through old undergrad and graduate school papers. Feel good about yourself for improving your writing skills and/or embarrassed about your former insights.

6. Lay on the floor and listen to songs by favorite low-key artists: Patty Griffin, Sarah McLaughlin, Jewel, etc. Maybe put on an old jock jams album and dance around the living room. However the Spirit leads…

5. Clean the house. Fold laundry. Do anything in order to avoid looking at a laptop.

4. Watch old episodes of Saved by the Bell and/or other terrible teen drama-deys streaming live on Netflix.

3. Drink a glass of wine. When pregnant, repeat step 8.

2. Take a nap. Pray for divine inspiration to come in the form of dreams.

1. Complete daily blogging assignment by posting an entry about how to overcome writer’s block. ..

So, what are your best practices for overcoming writer’s block? Anything you would add to the list?



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6 responses to “When Writer’s Block Strikes…

  1. Maya

    Invite more guest writers.

  2. lbl346

    Number 2 actually works pretty well for me, although I engage in #5 as well. And #8 is not confined to writers block.

    • Hannah Heinzekehr

      Sometimes I have actually had success with it as well, or at the very least it has helped me to clear my head. But it appears that Senioritis and spring weather are tenacious beasts this week and may have trumped the power of the nap…

      • lbl346

        I always think it is kind of cruel that the end of the semester usually coincides with the first beautiful spring weather (or here in winter, the first winter snow).

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